For home improvement and hardware stores, the future lies in being able to deliver value beyond the transaction.


We’ll help you get there.

The biggest pain point for potential customers? Is this job DIY or DIFM?

The first question on a customer's mind is if they can do the job they need to be done, or if they need someone to do it for them. 


Similar to what telemedicine did for healthcare, Patch can do for home services: allowing home improvement professionals to triage the situation for customers.


If it is DIY: Home repair store employees can help them fix it remotely through video chat and mobile technology. 

  • Curate the list of things they will need for the job.

  • Delivery of hardware necessary for the fix.

  • Upsell opportunity for other things to consider.

  • Collect data on the work being done for future CRM follow-up.

If it is DIFM: Home repair store employees can refer them to their curated stable of contractors and handymen to do the job for them and give them an estimate of how much it should cost. 

  • Contractors share revenue with the home repair store.

  • Contractors purchase equipment from the home repair store.

  • Contractors develop relationship with customer that benefits the home repair store.

  • Contractor collects data on the home and supplies it to the home repair store for CRM follow-up.

Clear benefits to the home improvement/harware store business:

Sell More

DIY customers always underestimate the amount of materials needed

to finish a job.

Create Customer Loyalty

Once a customer is in your Patch eco-system, they are much less likely to cross-shop.

Differentiate Your Stores

Go beyond the transaction to deliver real value that other stores can't re-create.

Future-proof Your Business

The .com's can beat brick and mortar on just about everything...except superior value added pre and post purchase.

Clear benefits to their customers:

Get answers before starting a job

They want to know if they can do it, and how much it will finish a job.

Develop relationships with trusted home service providers.

Good help is hard to find. They are looking for vetted professionals.

Get the right tools to finish the job

Multiple trips to the store are a huge pain point for customers.

Have a “landlord” for a property you own.

Ultimately, a subsciption-service model can be created where you know their home as well as a landlord.

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