The app that brings the hardware store home

Provide your customers with amazing support when they’re working on projects at home. Earn referral revenue when you help them book home services.

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Be your customers’ one-stop home maintenance solution.

Even when they’re not in the store, your customers need your help. With Patch, you can support them remotely.

Help them figure out exactly what they’ll need to buy for a project before visiting the store

Give them how-to advice when they’re at home using your products to tackle a project

Introduce them to a recommended local service professional when they have a DIFM project

Patch creates an entirely new revenue stream for your hardware store when you refer your customers to the local pros you already trust.

Recruit the best service contractors in your area into your network

Refer them to your customers when they need an expert’s skilled hand for their project

Collect a referral fee when projects are completed to your customers’ satisfaction

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Increase customer loyalty and retention with high-touch service.

It happens all the time. Customers come into your store thinking they know what they need to buy for a project, only to learn within the first few minutes of chatting with one of your associates that they need to go back home and get the information your team needs to be able to help them. And when that customer finally gets to work on their project with the supplies they’ve purchased from you, they realize they’ve totally forgotten the tips your team gave them at the store. With Patch, your team can be there for your customers in the moment they’re most needed to make sure every home project is a total success.

Help your customers connect with the best local service providers – and drive new revenue.

Your customers view you as the home maintenance expert in their community. When they ask your team for help finding a professional for a home project, they expect you to know the perfect person for the job. With Patch, your entire team knows exactly who to recommend to your customers and making the introduction is simple. You’ll not only strengthen your relationships with your most valued local service providers, you’ll be a hero in your customers’ eyes. With a small premium placed on each project booked through the Patch app, you’ll also be creating an entirely new service revenue channel for your store. It’s a win-win for you and your customers

Your customers need more than just the products you sell.

Extend your customer service beyond the store and build deeper customer relationships by offering remote support and in-home service referrals.

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